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We provide professional air duct cleaning through out the Greater Toronto Area

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Improved benefits


Improved Indoor Air Quality

Regular duct cleaning removes these pollutants, ensuring cleaner, fresher air for you and your loved ones.


Allergy and Asthma Relief

Duct cleaning can significantly reduce these triggers, providing relief and a better quality of life.


Energy Efficiency

Clean ducts allow your system to operate at peak performance, saving you money.


Enhanced Comfort

Clean ducts ensure that warm or cool air is distributed evenly throughout your space. 


Odor Removal

 Lingering odors from cooking, pets, or other sources can become trapped in your ductwork. Duct cleaning eliminates these odors, leaving your space smelling fresh and inviting.


Removal of mold and soot from ductwork

Duct cleaning can help remove mold and soot from your duct work, safeguarding your families health.


Welcome to Got Dust Duct Cleaning. We aim to be your go-to air duct cleaner for improving indoor air quality. Our team brings years of HVAC experience to professionally clean the air ducts in your home or office. Good indoor air quality keeps you comfortable and healthy. But dust, dirt, mold and other contaminants can build up in air ducts over time. We use powerful vacuum equipment to clear these pollutants out. Our technicians will also sanitize your air ducts to inhibit microbial growth. We install high-quality filters to keep your air ducts cleaner longer.

As your local Air Duct Cleaning specialists, we make the process convenient for you. Our uniformed technicians are background-checked for your peace of mind. We work around your schedule, with most jobs completed in just a few hours. Got Dust Duct Cleaning offers affordable pricing with no hidden fees. Contact us today to learn more or schedule high-quality air duct cleaning services to breathe easier in your home or workplace.

Our Air Duct Cleaning Services

At Got Dust Duct Cleaning, we specialize in pure air duct cleaning services for homes and workplaces. Over time, dust, dirt, and other contaminants get trapped in your air ducts, degrading indoor air quality. Our air cleaner duct technicians are trained to thoroughly clean your entire duct system using powerful truck-mounted vacuums and handheld tools.

First, we do a full inspection to map your duct system. Next, we use rotating brushes and compressed air to loosen debris stuck to duct walls and corners. Our powerful suction hauls away years of accumulation from the entire system, including hard-to-reach spots other air duct cleaner companies may miss.

We scrub off thick deposits and use an antimicrobial spray to inhibit mold regrowth. For an extra layer of protection, we also install high-quality filters to catch future dust buildup. As your complete dryer vent cleaner, we ensure your entire ventilation system is cleaned thoroughly for optimal airflow and indoor air quality.

We make the process fast and convenient by working around your schedule. Our technicians arrive in uniforms and shoe covers to carefully access and clean your ducts. Got Dust Duct Cleaning offers upfront estimates and guarantees high-quality service at fair prices.

Problem Solved

Are you and your family struggling with polluted air, dusty conditions, or uncomfortable temperatures inside your home? Pollutants like dust, pet dander, construction debris and mold spores can accumulate in your air ducts over months and years of use. All this buildup degrades the indoor air you breathe and circulates in every room.

Got Dust Duct Cleaning offers professional Air Duct Cleaning services to refresh your home’s ductwork for cleaner indoor air quality. We loosen and remove years of buildup from your duct interiors, difficult-to-reach cracks and vents. We clean every part, even the outside walls and exchange boxes of the ducts thoroughly. Our goal is to leave no contaminants behind.

We also spray an antimicrobial shield throughout your cleaned ducts to inhibit future mold growth. And we can install upgraded air filters to catch new dust particles over time, keeping your system performing well for longer. Our air duct cleaning services eliminate airborne allergens, improve airflow, and promote a healthier indoor environment for you and your family.

What Is Air Duct Cleaning ?

Air duct cleaning is the deep-cleaning process of removing accumulated contaminants from a home or building’s air ventilation system, over years of runtime, dust particles, pollen, pet dander, mold spores and other pollutants spread into the metal or plastic ductwork across HVAC systems. All this buildup degrades indoor air quality and can get blown into living and working spaces.

Got Dust Duct Cleaning uses powerful vacuum trucks and effective tools to clean your system’s worth of ducts, vents, heat exchangers and fans. Our technicians brush off stubborn surface deposits and vacuum all loosened debris and dust. We clean deep inside the full system, including inner linings and tough-to-access areas other providers may overlook.

We offer thorough services to make sure you have dust-free ducts, ensuring better airflow and improving your indoor comfort and respiratory health. By getting your air ducts cleaned semi-annually or annually, your home or building’s HVAC system can provide high-quality indoor air consistently.

What are the benefits of air duct cleaning?

Clean air ducts ensure good indoor air quality by promoting proper ventilation and removing sources of pollution that can impact health and comfort. That’s why routine air duct cleaning services are important for keeping your home or building’s climate and air quality optimized.

Over time, old dust buildup and debris accumulation in air ducts and vents will degrade system performance and restrict airflow. Thorough air cleaner duct services clear out blockages, restore air ventilation to efficient levels, and improve air flow. Dust particles, pet dander, and airborne allergens floating in duct systems eventually circulate through living spaces, causing respiratory issues. Professional cleaning from Got Dust clears away these airborne irritants for easier breathing and clean air.

Plus, routine cleaning helps limit mold issues, extends HVAC lifespan by reducing strain on components, lowers energy bills from improved efficiency, prevents debris fires, and eliminates musty odors.

Air Duct Cleaning - What is it and How to Do it

Air duct cleaning involves professionally deep cleaning the entire air duct system in a home or building. With time, dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander, and more can accumulate inside the metal ductwork that distributes air from your HVAC system throughout the building. When these contaminants build up, they can lead to decreased airflow, worsened indoor air quality, and contribute to health issues for occupants.

At Got Dust Duct Cleaning, we use powerful vacuum trucks and hand tools to thoroughly scrub inside ducts, ventilation grilles, fans, air exchanges and other components. Our technicians brush and agitate built-up debris before vacuuming it completely out of the system. We always perform a full inspection first to customize our cleaning plan based on factors like your home layout, duct type and current amount of debris buildup. We also look for any leaks or damage that need repairing for optimal airflow. Our goal is to leave your entire system free of contaminants with restored ventilation capacity.

In addition to duct cleaning, we provide other healthy home services like dryer vent cleaning, antimicrobial fogging, sealing duct leaks, installing air purification systems, and protective air duct maintenance plans.

With regular professional cleanings, your home can maintain clean, fresh indoor air quality all year round. Contact Got Dust Duct Cleaning to schedule complete air duct cleaning and learn about our additional services!

What Equipment Do Air Duct Cleaners Use?

Air duct cleaners utilize heavy-duty, specialized equipment to access and thoroughly clean out a home or building’s entire ventilation system. For the powerful suction required to vacuum contaminants out of air ducts spanning an entire property, the primary piece of gear is a weighty truck-mounted vacuuming unit with an extra-long suction hose.

This industrial-level suction capacity generates over 16,000 LFM (linear feet per minute) of airflow to draw debris out from even commercial-grade ventilation frameworks. And to remove stuck-on contaminants like dust and mold spores, technicians also employ compressed air blowers and mechanical rotating brushes that they snake throughout all the interior duct surfaces.

For dislodging and accessing debris in tight spaces like duct elbows or behind equipment, power vacuums and immersion brushes on poles are used that let professionals maneuver into tricky areas as needed. And for HVAC components like dryer vent cleaner lines, heat exchanger coils and exhaust fans, air duct cleaning crews have specialized nozzles and small whips.

How Do Professionals Clean Air Ducts?

Air duct cleaning is the important service for your home’s health, but done right, it takes extensive effort by highly trained technicians. Trust Got Dust Duct certified experts and commercial-grade gear to give your ventilation system a complete deep clean. Professional air duct cleaners follow key steps to thoroughly scrub dirty ventilation systems spotlessly. Let’s look at what quality air duct cleaning involves.

Step 1. Pre-inspection.

First, technicians fully map out the ductwork layout and components like vents or fans. They check the type, size, routes and current amount of gunk build up to tailor the cleaning plan. Pre-inspection also spots any damage needing repair for best airflow.

Step 2. Air Duct Cleaning Process: Negative Pressure & Debris Removal.

Truck-mounted vacuums generate powerful suction through duct interiors to lug out debris. Spinning brushes clean the metal walls, dislodging stubborn crud. Compressed air loosens stuck-on bits, so nonstop suction hauls away all dislodged dust and dirt. Quality crews scrub every inch of ductwork fully out.

Step 3. Final Walk-through Inspection.

After the deep clean, professionals recheck the whole system for cleanliness, clearing any last bits found. They confirm ducts and components are free of leftover contaminants before deodorizing. Then they run airflow tests to ensure peak quality ventilation. Any minor issues get resolved in the final inspection walk-through.

Choose Only A Trusted Duct Cleaning Company

When it comes to your home’s important ductwork system, it’s essential to select only a fully trusted duct cleaning provider to handle the maintenance. Not all companies offer an equal level of training, cleaning performance, or customer service.

Choose an NADCA-certified cleaner for the highest professional standards. Proper licensing ensures technicians are expertly qualified in industry cleaning methods and indoor air quality standards. Look for companies investing properly in commercial-grade equipment as well, not underpowered consumer vacuums.

Insist on comprehensive visual inspections before and after the air duct cleaning services process. Quality providers check the whole system first for custom cleaning plans, then later to ensure no particulate traces remain trapped inside to circulate later. The best air cleaner duct cleaners access tight spaces other companies ignore.

Also, consider reputation through online reviews and testimonials. Multi-generational family companies often provide the most reliable service. Ensure they offer guaranteed satisfaction backing as well as maintenance package plans, signs of a duct cleaning company’s dependability.

When it comes to your family’s respiratory health, don’t compromise with low-quality ductwork cleaning. Do diligent research because not all providers bring the same trustworthy results. Your home deserves above-average cleaning performance.

Why Choose Got Dust Duct Cleaning ?

When selecting an air duct cleaning services provider for your home or office, Got Dust Duct Cleaning stands out as a trustworthy choice. Our NADCA-certified technicians complete rigorous, ongoing training to provide efficient air cleaner duct scrubbing. We invest in commercial-grade equipment like industrial vacuum units to clean contaminants from your entire duct system. Our local team takes the time to do the job right, ensuring no dust or debris gets left behind in your vents, registers, or tricky corners.

Our services proved to be the best in the market as we are using industry led equipment. Our skilled professionals are highly qualified in their work and did their job right and on time. This made us stand out from the others in the market. 

We stand behind the quality of results. Trust us for cleaner indoor air the family can feel. Contact Got Dust Duct Cleaning today for more about our air duct cleaning packages!

Advantages of Working with Got Dust Duct Cleaning Company

Got Dust Duct Cleaning brings top advantages as your local air duct cleaning provider. Our technicians respect your home, thoroughly inspect and then deeply clean your entire duct system, offer filter replacements, and ensure absolute satisfaction. We deliver a five-star cleaning service every time.

After a thorough inspection, we deeply clean your property’s entire duct system using top-of-the-line equipment. We stand behind every job with our satisfaction guarantee. Here are some of the advantages we offer:


At Got Dust Duct Cleaning, we respect your living space as we complete thorough air duct cleaning services. Our technicians maintain professionalism from start to finish. Before entering, we put on fabric booties to protect the floors. We also lay down drop cloths around work areas, safely securing cables and hoses from high-traffic walkways.

With care and experience, we strategically maneuver large vacuum hoses through the interior to reach air duct access points, avoiding furnishings and fragile items. We recognize that much time and effort has gone into making your house a home, so we treat it with the utmost care. 


Our cleaning begins with a comprehensive inspection of your home’s HVAC duct system layout. We identify the duct types, routes, and access points and use our lighting and cameras to find current contamination levels and locations of trouble spots needing extra attention. 

After deep cleaning according to industry best practices, our technicians re-inspect all areas of ductwork, using illumination to guarantee no speck of dust, dirt or debris remains trapped inside to continue contaminating your indoor air. We check heat exchanges, vents, duct linings, and more until fully satisfied that your airways are restored to maximum cleanliness and proper airflow.


Got Dust Duct Cleaning invests in commercial-grade air duct cleaning equipment to power supreme results. Our rugged, truck-mounted vacuum units generate industrial suction strength down to the last dust and particles. Rotating brushes scrub away stubborn deposits trapped onto interior duct walls after years of accumulation, while compressed air blasts dislodge chunks.

Our steel vacuum wands extract thick clumps of debris from duct corners and crevices. We clean until we are fully satisfied, and even the most concealed cracks and vents meet our lofty standards for dust-free purity. No contaminant stands a chance against our arsenal of hardcore air duct scrubbing and suction tools manned by highly trained technicians. 


An essential part of our comprehensive duct cleaning process includes replacing your HVAC system’s air filters with new high-performance models. Filters inevitably accumulate significant dust and debris over months or years of use, which recirculates through your home when dirty airflow overwhelms their trapping capacity. Our technicians clear out these congested pleated or mesh filters, installing upgraded versions in their place during our service visit.

These advanced replacements feature thicker pleat layers or denser filtration media to catch more airborne dust and allergens continually. Keeping replacement frequency consistent but upgrading filter efficiency gradually over time allows your HVAC hardware to maintain a cleaner supply of air long after we depart.


We stand firmly behind every air duct cleaning service to guarantee you total satisfaction with your home’s renewed air quality. Our technicians undergo regular training and strictly adhere to industry best practices so that you can trust our cleaning results. To provide genuine peace of mind, we offer assurance that our work meets your complete approval upon inspection. We aim to give absolute satisfaction to our customers through our services.

Why is duct cleaning Important?

Clean air ducts are essential for a properly functioning HVAC system and healthy indoor air quality. Over time, dust, pet dander, and construction debris accumulate in the ductwork. Without regular air cleaner duct service, these contaminants get blown into living spaces and degrade indoor air. Sticky dust buildup also attracts rodents and insects, which can leave droppings, nesting materials and debris inside ducts that circulate through your home. Bacteria and mold issues can arise from dirt buildup as well. 

Unnoticed mold growth is dangerous since spores get distributed through your HVAC system. On top of pollutant removal and restored airflow, comprehensive air cleaner duct cleaning provides the benefit of a full inspection. Technicians can identify and troubleshoot issues like leaks, holes or disconnected ductwork during the process.


Dryers accumulate high volumes of lint in their ventilation pipes. This fluffy lint catches small particles from clothing fibers, commonly cotton and polyester. Lint traps only capture a portion; the rest sticks to pipe interiors as dust, dirt, and moisture adhere too. These sticky deposits restrict airflow. Restricted ventilation causes dryers to run excessively long while overheating. This extreme heat bakes thick lint layers inside the piping. Baked-on lint grows brittle and combustible. Eventually, it can ignite, shooting flames into wall cavities. Dryer vent fires are among the leading causes of household blazes.

That’s why using a professional dryer vent cleaner service is important. Annual professional dryer vent cleaner service maintains unrestricted airflow by removing dangerous lint clutter and other accumulations before they negatively impact appliances or indoor air purity.


Clogged vents force appliances to run excessively to finish cycles, wasting energy and money while increasing wear on components. The trapped hot air can also melt plastic piping, causing leaks. On top of fire risks from overheating units, congested vents also pose problems like mold growth inside moisture-laden pipes. Harmful mold spores then circulate through interior living spaces through the compromised ductwork that should instead provide clean, pure air duct cleaning airflow. Lingering, musty scents also result from contaminated vents.

Smooth interiors restore rapid venting so dryers can quickly whisk away hot air again, saving energy and lowering utility bills. Investing in preventative dryer vent cleaner maintenance ensures dryers operate safely at peak efficiency for years to come. 


Smoke residues and creosote coat the inside brick or metal walls of chimneys. These sticky buildups can restrict airflow and pose fire hazards. That’s why it is essential to take annual professional chimney cleaning.

The intensive chimney cleaning process begins with our technicians performing a full inspection using specialized cameras. We identify the type of chimney, look for structural damage or leaks, and estimate debris levels to plan our cleaning strategy accordingly. Next, we scrub interior walls to loosen residues using sturdy poly scrubbing brushes on poles. Then, we thoroughly vacuum up the flue using our powerful truck-mounted cleaners.

We ensure complete contaminant removal and document any issues like damaged dampers or cracked mortar that necessitate repair. Investing in annual chimney cleaning maintenance keeps fireplaces operating safely and efficiently while contributing to healthy indoor air quality through your air cleaner duct system.

How Do You Get Rid of Mold in Air Ducts ?

Mold growth inside the air duct poses serious health hazards as spores get widely distributed into interior living spaces. Comprehensive remediation is crucial when your HVAC system acts as an unintentional delivery mechanism for these respiratory irritants.

Got Dust Duct Cleaning offers full-scale duct cleaning services to scrub away hazardous mold colonies sticking to duct interiors before they spread further contamination. We use commercial-grade vacuums and scrub brushes to clean your ventilation system, removing every trace of microbial growth. Our technicians thoroughly inspect work areas to isolate contamination, too.

We perform thorough inspections to check for and seal any duct leaks that enable moisture intrusion, which feeds mold. We install upgraded air filters to continually catch mold spores and other allergens circulating through your air cleaner duct system.


The EPA and leading HVAC authorities suggest getting complete air duct cleaning done about every 2-3 years. This regular maintenance clears out dust, debris, pet dander and other contaminants before accumulating excessive blockages over months or years of system runtime. Keeping your ducts free of significant buildup restores proper airflow to heat efficiently and cool rooms for comfort.

Absolutely, professional duct cleaning is a valuable investment. Investing in an expert cleaning crew to clean your entire duct system using industrial equipment removes every trace of dangerous particles from circulating air for cleaner indoor quality and easier family breathing.

Yes, air ducts clogged with debris and dust force HVAC components to work excessively hard, overcoming restricted airflow pathways. Restoring unrestricted airflow reduces strain on machinery. Less effort equals less energy consumed, which equals lower utility bills. 

Duct cleaning eliminates sources of many airborne allergens, helping minimize allergy and asthma triggers. Wiping away dust buildup, pet dander, mold spores, fibers and more keeps these respiratory irritants from recirculating through your home. Thorough contaminant removal leaves cleaner air distributed to each room.

For a typical single-family household, the start-to-finish professional duct cleaning process averages 2-5 hours, depending on system size and configuration. The job involves pre-inspection, deep contaminant removal, post-checks and more. 

Yes, Got Dust Duct Cleaning offers expert commercial HVAC system cleaning. Our power vacuum trucks and trained technicians are fully equipped to scrub expansive metal ductwork infrastructures spanning large multi-room buildings. Detailed cleaning plans ensure every office, store or facility airspace is noticed.

Absolutely, all our skilled ductwork technicians complete regular NADCA duct cleaning certification training to stay sharp on the latest methods and industry standards. Our technicians are highly qualified and certified for the job.