Air Duct Cleaning Services by Qualified Professionals

Air Duct Cleaning Services by Qualified Professionals

Air Duct Cleaning by Qualified Professionals

Have you noticed Dust blowing out of your air vents lately? Do you sneeze way more when you are home than when you are out? That’s a sign your home’s air ducts need cleaning.  Dust builds up in those tunnel-like ducts over years of use. All that debris gets blown into your living spaces whenever the furnace or AC runs. Breathing duct dust triggers allergies and asthma, especially for kids and seniors. The solution is professional air duct cleaning services.

Got Dust Duct Cleaning sends their expert technicians to homes for thorough duct cleaning using vacuums and pneumatic tools. After a few hours, your ducts are cleared of years’ worth of accumulated Dust and particles. That means no more blowing, sneezing, and suffering. With clean ducts, home air feels fresh once again.

Read on to learn about the air duct cleaning services Got Dust Duct Cleaning provides to improve indoor quality.

In-House Duct Cleaning Services by Got Dust Duct Cleaning

The ducts are like tunnels that move air from your furnace or AC to all the rooms. Over time, Dust builds up inside. The team at Got Dust uses strong vacuums to suck everything out. They also scrub the ducts and use pneumatic tools to clean it. They can clean ducts running to any room, bedroom, kitchen, living area, etc. Got Dust tends it all. No more dusty air blowing around your house. Here are some of the services Got Dust Duct Cleaning is providing:

Dryer Vent (Basement or Main Level)

Your dryer has a vent, too, that needs air duct cleaning. As you run loads of wet laundry, lint, and Dust get trapped in the dryer ductwork. Over time, thick layers of fluffy lint coat trap inside the tubes and vent hood outside. This is a dangerous fire hazard. Lint is highly flammable and causes over 15,000 house fires every year. But with regular professional air duct cleaning, you can prevent dryer fires.

The experts at Got Dust Duct Cleaning will disconnect your dryer, move it out from the wall, and vacuum all the lint out of the system. They also use special pneumatic tools to scrub out dust sticking deep down. Clearing the vent and ducts allows air to circulate freely for faster drying times. No more clothes taking hours to dry.

Heat Recovery Ventilator Cleaning

Besides ducts, Got Dust also expertly cleans out the heat recovery ventilator (HRV) during air duct cleaning. An HRV is a ventilation system that brings fresh outdoor air into your home while removing stale indoor air. It’s an important part of having good indoor air quality. The HRV works kind of like the central air ducts in your home. But instead of connecting to the furnace, it has a fan and vents for improved circulation.

Over time, the filters, cores, and components of an HRV get very dirty from all that air movement. Dust builds up and clogs the system. So, Got Dust uses strong vacuums to deep clean your HRV unit. Their technicians clear out stuck lint and debris, scrub away the film, and vacuum it all out. This makes your whole HRV work like new again.

Central Vacuuming Cleaning

Got Dust’s air duct cleaning services also cover central vacuum systems. Central vacuums are very convenient. They suck Dust straight through pipes and vents built right into your home’s walls. But over years of use, those wall passages fill up with dirt, too. Dust and pet hair accumulate in the pipes, connectors, and vents. This weakens suction power throughout your system. Soon, your central vacuum will have little strength left to clean well as dust clogs the airflow.

Got Dust brings your central vacuum back to peak performance. Our skilled technicians will remove vent covers and reach deep inside your in-wall ductwork with vacuum hoses and compressed air. They scrub and extract piled-up debris, freeing airflow everywhere. After a thorough central vacuum cleaning from the professional, your system regains full power to pick up Dust, hair, and dirt.

 Got Dust Duct Cleaning service

Furnace Blower Fan Cleaning

Did you know your furnace has a blower fan inside? This fan spins quickly to push heated or cooled air into your home’s ducts. But all that rapid movement kicks up lots of Dust and dirt over years of use. Before long, the blower fan blades get covered in sticky dirt.

This dust buildup makes your furnace work extra hard to keep pushing air. It can also lead to an overheated blower motor, which shortens its lifespan.

It’s not good when it’s freezing outside or sweltering hot. The professionals at Got Dust Duct Cleaning provide complete furnace cleaning as part of our air duct cleaning services. Our technician will carefully remove the blower fan unit and vacuum off all accumulated dirt. Clean fan blades can spin freely again, circulating air better.

Evaporator Coil Cleaning

An important part of air duct sanitizing from Got Dust is cleaning the evaporator coils. These coils are deep inside your duct system near the air conditioner. They get ice cold, making air moisture condense into liquid. This removes heat and cools down the airflow. But Dust and dirt love to stick to hard metal. So, over time, thick, fuzzy layers of Dust build up all over the icy coils. This clogged insulation slows airflow and makes your AC work extra hard to cool your home.

Got Dust deep clean those evaporator coils through high-powered washing. Our hoses blast water at high pressure, knocking off clinging dirt and debris. Then, we rinse the coils carefully with a disinfectant solution to sanitize and deodorize them. Clean, disinfected coils allow cold airflow to circulate best.

Bathroom Exhaust Vent Cleaning

The vents in your bathrooms remove humidity and odors from steamy showers. But over time, all that warm, moist air causes tons of sticky dirt to coat the inside of the vent ducts. Layers of Dust, lint, hair, and grime get trapped. Before long, your bathroom vents can barely suck out any air at all with so much blocked airflow.

Got Dust Duct Cleaning uses pneumatic tools to scrub the entire length of your bathroom vent ducts. This loosens years of caked-on debris. Next, our powerful vacuums extract all that hair and sticky buildup. After a thorough professional cleaning, your bathroom vents will suck out air fantastically again.


Dirty, dusty air ducts make for an unhealthy and uncomfortable home. But Got Dust Duct Cleaning’s expert professionals can fix that quickly. Our powerful truck-mounted vacuums extract years of accumulated Dust from your home’s ductwork and vents. Get Dust scrubs and expertly clean your dryer vents, bathroom fans, and furnace components. Breathe again with fresh, clean indoor air from your HVAC system.                                                                                         

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Call Got Dust today to schedule thorough and affordable duct cleaning services. Your family’s health and comfort depends on it!

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